A historic shelter towards Orient

Manfredonia is a large commercial port situated on the Adriatic coast of Italy at the head of the eponymous gulf. Originally a Greek settlement, the town was taken and colonized by Rome in 189 BC. Later an important Norman stronghold, the whole town was abandoned in 1223 because of continual malarial outbreaks and rebuilt between 1256 and 1263 by Manfred, ruler of the 13th century Kingdom of Sicily. The town was expanded under Angevin rule until being almost destroyed by the Turks in 1620.

Little remains today of the mediaeval town other than the restored castle and a few sections of the town walls. The harbour of Manfredonia has limited facilities for yachts but is a useful port of call if caught out by adverse weather on this coast. Shelter here is good, especially when a particularly vicious bora is blowing.

Useful information
  • Latitude N 41 37’ 22”
  • Longitude E 15 55’ 43”
  • Port Access Time24 Hours
  • VHF Channel12
  • Max lenghtUp to 18 mt
  • Max depth7 mt

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