An important embarkation point during the Crusades

Monopoli is a commercial harbour on the Adriatic coast of Italy 40 miles NW of the port of Brindisi. Initially a Greek settlement, the town experienced the same fate as most of the harbours along this coast, passing through Roman, Ostrogoth, Byzantine, Norman, Hohenstaufen, Venetian and Spanish hands before becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1860.

Like Brindisi and Otranto further south, it was an important embarkation point during the Crusades and was therefore the object of several retaliatory attacks during the subsequent centuries. Monopoli is not a particularly yacht-friendly harbour but it does offer a port of refuge if caught out in bad weather along this coast. Shelter is good, although some swell penetrates the harbour in strong E/SE winds.

Useful information
  • Latitude N 40 57’ 28”
  • Longitude E 17 18’ 47”
  • Port Access Time24 Hours
  • VHF Channel12
  • Max lenghtUp to 30 mt
  • Max depth4,5 mt

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